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Isn't it a pity?
All Those Years Ago - Soundtrack Part One (57' to 69') 
6th-Feb-2013 01:34 pm
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Hello, fans of John/George. I've got a treat for you today, the release of 'All Those Years Ago' Soundtrack Part One. You can listen to tunes by downloading the zip file. I thought it might be enjoyable to put music to the chapters we covered from 1957 to 1969. If you're not familiar with 'All Those Years Ago', it's the story of John and George's relationship through the years, basing our story on the facts that we know, and filling in the blanks with our own spin on their relationship. Written with my partner gereiheimer

The story has been ongoing since May of 2010, and still going strong. We try to update at least once a month, and are currently hard at work on chapter year 1976. You can get caught up on previous chapters at our open archive

Thank you to those still following our story, and a special thanks to those who continue to comment and leave feedback on our chapters. We appreciate it.

1 - Raunchy - The Ventures
2 - Be-Bop-A-Lula - Gene Vincent
3 - Big Hunk O' Love - Elvis
4 - Cry For A Shadow - The Silver Beatles
5 - Twist and Shout (Live At the Star Club) - The Beatles
6 - Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (Live At the Star Club) - The Beatles
7 - Long Tall Sally (Live At the Star Club) - The Beatles
8 - Ask Me Why (Live radio program) - The Beatles
9 - Don't Bother Me - The Beatles
10 - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Live Ed Sullivan Show) - The Beatles
11 - If I Fell - The Beatles
12 - If I Needed Someone - The Beatles
13 - Wait - The Beatles
14 - Love You To - The Beatles
15 - A Day In the Life - The Beatles
16 -  Long, Long, Long - The Beatles
17 - I'm So Tired - The Beatles
18 - Something (Anthology Version) - The Beatles
19 - Come Together (Anthology Version) The Beatles 

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