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Isn't it a pity?

John & George
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This is a community for celebrating the love between John Lennon and George Harrison, formerly of the Beatles. This love can be defined as mates, friends, lovers or even rivals. The nature of this community is to showcase and encourage fanfiction, art, stories, songs and discussion to be brought up about these two men. It is mostly based upon the idea of slash, that is two men sharing romantic, sexual love, and as so there will be much content like this within. Please do not join if this doesn't suit your needs.


• Be polite to other users and respect all members. Treat others even better than you would like to be treated. If you are feeling bullied or see it happening to someone else, contact a mod immediately. If you are trolling or flaming you will be banned and potentially reported to the LJ Abuse Team.

• If you do not like a post, do not comment. Constructive criticism is of course welcome, as long as it is, well, constructive. If you receive a bad comment, please be mature in your reply, or email a maintainer to ask for it to be removed, if you judge it too harsh or unfair.

• No bashing of any kind will be tolerated, and that includes bashing of any Beatle, or any Beatle's wives/girlfriends. You are entitled to your opinion, but please use your mature voice. This is a community dedicated to celebrating love, let's not spoil it with arguments about who did best and who did what wrong.

• Homophobia, racism and sexism will not be tolerated to any degree.

• All R-rated (or higher) photomanips, art or stories should be placed under a lj-cut and be labelled appropriately.

• All stories over 250 words and all pictures larger than 400 pixels on the longest side should be placed under a lj-cut. Posts containing more than one picture should be placed under a LJ-cut as well.

• Anything posted here must be at least 51% John/George. Other pairings are welcome in conjunction to John/George, but it must be the main focus of the post. Posts about John or George only are accepted, but please keep in mind the purpose of this community.

• Promotions for other communities, websites or sales are allowed, as long as they are somewhat J/G related, and within the limit of once a month per user.

Fic & Art Posting Rules:

• Please fill in this form before each of your stories, ideally in full.

Author Name:
Title of story:
Pairing(s) in the story:
Rating of story:
Word count of story:
Chapter _ of _: (chapter one of ten, for instance, or one of one, or one of unknown)
Brief summary:
Notes: (please put fetishes, kinks and questionable material in the story here -- i.e. non-consentual sex/rape, death fic, incest, extreme violence, etc. Anything that might upset another reader)

Then either LJ-CUT your story or provide a link to it.

• Art posts should follow this same format, simply using just Pairings, Author, Rating, Summary (i.e. This is a picture of John naked in the tub), and notes (if it includes something noteworthy).

• For discussions, pic spams, youtube videos or other posts, just introduce the subject of the thread and the rating, if needed.

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